The Winners Band 1978 - 1980


This musical band worked in the late of the seventies decade gigging many student's festival for many universities, was performed most of the famous pop songs at that time and it got their fans interest at any musical activities they done it. It established by four musicians playing guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, and after very short time when they finished and prepared all the musical list accompanied with training, it appears another time at one of the famous hestorical place in Baghdad started their gig in 31st of December 1979, it was very memorable musical event under the beautiul vintage structure of the "Khan Marjan". In addition to that, the band was made another agreement with a very famous resort was managed by "The General Establishment Of Tourism" in Iraq at that time, that resort was "Al- Habbaniyah Lake Resort". They performed day time gigs and night gigs surrounded with hundred of tourists and families, were they enjoyed the music and latest songs with the beautiful environment design for that resort.