The artist has started his artistic way of learning music and performing on guitar and keyboard through sharing many social activities in the middle and secondary schools after that, he established two musical bands with his friends in 1975, 1978. He starts performing music in many festivals with his musical band at that time. He kept his ambition to achieve another goal in the field of art and design, most of his interest has appeared through the early exercises in art class at school. He started his journey in studying business administration, then he studied graphic design at the university and worked in the field of print & design for several years. He did many musical contracts to work in the music career with many social clubs and hotels in addition to performing music in some historical places through contracting with the General Establishment of Tourism. Hundreds of music live he performed through several years passed through his musical journey were demonstrated his artistic skills in the live music and his personal ability in the musical improvising for both for the beautiful traditional melodies and for the most beautiful western melodies.

In the last year 2015, he shared a musical competition through an Academy for musicians in the USA, he entered the competition with a soundtrack for a beautiful song named (Iron Horse) by a British musical band (Cristie) from one of the top songs in the seventies decade. The Academy informed him:

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* Musical Artist since 1975.

* Audio Producer & Sound Engineer.

* Studied Audio Production / University of Westminister / London / 2017.

* Teaching Piano / Privately / Baghdad 2002/

* Studied Graphic Design / University of Baghdad / Baghdad 1994.

* Studied Piano / Piano Teacher & Sound Engineer Mr Saad Mahmoud Hikmat / 1992.

* Hundreds of live music performances / Baghdad 1989 - 2009.

* Studied Business Management / Insititute of Administration / Baghdad 1977.

* Studied Iraqi Maqamat Music notation reading and playing on heritage musical Instrument (Qanoon) / Institute of Tonal Studies / Baghdad 1977.

* Learn & Play Keyboards since 1973. * Studied Guitar / Individually with multiple books / Baghdad 1972.